Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sports Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sports Science - Essay useThough it not a new theory, yet it should be recognized that majority of research is found on experience from dealing with sporting activities, which have been normald to underpin physical education for some years. The remarkable theory about LTAD is that it brings the variety of theories practiced by different bodies under one umbrella with codified structures and strategys. LTAD has packaged the theories for mass understanding and has adopted more effective mechanism for applying the theories to integrate whole sports system which includes coaching, training, playing and disceptation. The basic principles on which LTAD is based areIt is necessary to devote 8-12 years of logical practice in order to give the level of an expert in that field. Research confirms that this is true about create any skill, such as learning to play musical instrument or playing sport. This is as well referred to as 10,000 hour rule which relates to practice of 3hours a d ay for ten years.This requires focused and consistent commitment, and not almost players would achieve it. The objective is to encourage and enable all young people to develop confidence in their basic endeavour skill which are fundamental. Expose young children to wide variety of sports at an early(a) age, which prepares them with better attitude for lifelong participation in sport, because their self-perception of their sporting ability is positive. It also better prepares them to achieve their full potential.The objective is to identify those stages during childs physical and psychological development that offer best opportunities to develop movement skill-agility, balance, co-ordination basic sport skills like running, jumping, throwing and striking which are necessary attribute for sports related activities. Missing these optimum stages can have impact on reaching their highest potential.LTAD is systematic training in childhood and adolescence which opens the window of opp ortunity for future success as an athlete. A specific and well-planned practice, training, competition and recuperation regime provide ensure optimum development throughout an athletes career http//www.sportdevelopment.org.uk/html/balyi2004.html The ultimate objective to ensure bear on success which comes from training and performing well over long term rather than winning in short term. Athletic preparation is serious commitment and there is no escape from hard and consistent practice. There is no short cut to Athlete training. LTAD is a sports science which is based on training, competition, and recovery plan which is based on the developmental age which is the maturation level of the child rather than the chronological age. The program is athlete centred, coach driven, and administration, sport science, and sponsor supported. Athletes who progress through LTAD experience training and competition in programs that consider their biological and training ages in creating periodize d plans specific to their development needs http//www.ltad.ca/content/home.asp LTAD has highly-developed two specialization models Early specialization model focuses on these areas educational activity to train stageTraining to compete stageTraining to win stageRetirement/ retainmentLate specialization model, focuses on these areas thoroughgoing stageLearning to train stage

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