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Male and Female Issues Essay -- essays papers

Male and Female IssuesThere have been so many controversial issues involving sex equity. Boys have been seen in excelling in trus twainrthy egress areas, whereas girls excel in others. Most believe that two certain subjects, math and science, boys perform better in. unrivalled report that was held in 1992 by the American Association of University Women came to the conclusion that girls were encouraged to pursue traditional female studies instead of mathematics, science and traditionally male subject areas (Unger 10.) Although many of these girls are probably very gifted in these certain subject areas, women are being pushed towards certain careers that are not to their interests and desires (Delisle 1998.) One cleaning ladyhood who tried to change this was Emma Hart Willard. Ms. Hart opened Troy Female Seminary in 1821, which specialized in teaching females math and science. Before this school, females were limited to certain subject areas including French, sewing dance, a rt, and English. It was also stated that females tend to have a higher self-esteem if they have a positive feeling of their abilities in those two subject areas, math and science (Hanmer 1996.) On the other hand, girls are said to surpass boys in recitation and writing. Gambell and Hunter state, females outperform males in all areas of reading and writing at the elementary, middle and secondary levels (4.) Today, there is a smaller gap between boys and girls in science and math. Females are taking a unsubtle variety of courses including the courses that are seen as intimidating to them. Females are becoming doctors and scientists at a greater rate than before. Although there are more and more woman found in male dominated fields, there still is a smaller percentage of fem... is still a bias towards females, and their abilities compared to boys. This is discussed in this article. Basow, S. (1986). Gender stereotypes traditions and alternatives. atomic number 20 Brooks /Cole Publishing Company.This intensity discusses both issues in the past and issues today dealing with boys and girls in the classroom. Hanmer, T. J. (1996). The gender gap in schools girls losing out. U.K. Enslow Publishers.This book supports the sentiment that girls are still seen as inferior to boys in certain subjects and there is a bias, although sometimes unknown, against girls. Unger, H. G. (1999). School choice how to select the best schools for your children. New York Checkmark Books.This book gives advise to parents as to what is the best school for their children. It also deals with girls and boys in a private setting, saying they can learn easier.

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