Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Legalization of Marijuana for medical use (persuasive research paper ) Essay - 1

Legalization of movenabis for medical uptake (persuasive research paper ) - Essay ExampleAs Sages has it If you think efficaciousizing medical ganja would be a Reefer Madness-style catastrophe for society, dont tell Oregon grandmother Stormy Ray. For Ray, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1985, Oregons legalization meant something entirely different Instead of being forced to use a harsh, legal medication-one that left her in a constant haze-she can now gain pain relief often more easily. Medical marijuana, she says, has literally saved my life. (Sager 1999, np) That is why, even though the legalization of marijuana for medical use has such obvious disadvantages as the emergence of side effects from its use, many researchers claim that marijuana should be fully legalized as doctors can use it as painkillers and antiemetic, it has excellent quality/price ratio, and its full legalization will bring additional money to the bud define.Marijuana can help people sufferin g from first gear or migraine. However, marijuana has its side effects e.g. the patients who are taking this substance are not recommended to perpetrate tasks demanding particularly focused attention because they are likely to have coordination problems and slow reaction. Whereas many people get into the state of euphoria after taking marijuana, others might feel panic or experience hallucinations. stock-still these possible side effects, the use of marijuana for medical purposes can be justified because marijuana can effectively be used as a painkiller and antiemetic, and its value for money is excellent and often better than of many other drugs.On the other side there are people who physical object to the legalization of marijuana, even for the medical purposes, and they claim that the legalization might result in an increase in the number of drug addicts. It is not a secret that some of those people who are addicted to cocaine, heroine or other heavy substances began as merel y marijuana smokers. It is important to consider how the legalization of

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