Thursday, May 9, 2019

Bacteria, Viruses, and Health Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bacteria, Viruses, and Health - Case Study ExampleIn 1879 Albert Ludwig Sigesmund Neisser was the first psyche to describe the bacteria as the causative agent of gonorrhea and he was the one that officially named it Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The mental synthesis is a typical gram negative cell with thin peptidoglycan, cytoplasmic membrane and the out(a)er membrane is covered with proteins, lipooligosaccharide and phospholipids (Ryan & Ray, 2004). Toxin lipopolysaccharide endotoxins are found in the cells of neisseria gonorrhoeae, it was first extracted by tauber and garson in 1959. The endotoxin is found to have at least two antigenic causal factors reveled by haemagglutination inhibition and absorption experiment. Polysaccharide is another determinant besides other proteins (Ryan & Ray, 2004).The information in the patients symptoms that led to my conclusion is the discharge of colour substance from the penis which is the symptom of the N. gonorrhoeae infection. Lab results that indicate the presence of gram-negative diplococci in the fluid strain taken from Mikes penis confirmed the presence of bacterias and certainly it was a bacterial infection, and this directed me to rule out any other disease with similar symptoms that is not caused by bacteria (Ryan & Ray, 2004). Pain and burning sensation when urinating are other symptoms of which the patient displays. The report is also that microphone recently broken up with her old time girlfriend and immediately started dating a in the altogether girl and given that the bacteria is sexually contractable there is high chances that the patient was infected by her new girlfriend in a new relationship (Ryan & Ray, 2004). Mononucleosis was also ruled out because the symptoms differ from the ones the patient display, symptom of mononucleosis are, sore throat , swollen tonsils, headache skin blossoming and others which are very distinct from the gonorrhea infections.What make gonorrhea a perfectly sexual transmitte d infection is the need for intimate contact with someone with the

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