Friday, May 3, 2019

Digital Divide Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Digital Divide - Research report ExampleThe present research has identified that digital divide is the gap between individuals that already shoot entryway to Internet (information and communication technology) as well as have the skills and knowledge of making design of the technologies - and those that have neither access nor skills of using those same technologies within a society, community or a geographic area. With the Internet quickly becoming a fundamental medium of information processing and communication, pervade every domain of the society and economy, there is expect to develop policies that bridge the gap. Most of the research shows that the come in of the digital divide is more than just access issue, and it cannot be palliated merely by providing the essential equipment. there are three factors that are playing these are information accessibility, utilization, and receptiveness. More than access to the Internet, race need to have knowledge of how to make use of information and communication technologies once they are made addressable within a society. In bringing the gap, information professionals can provide reference and information service that assist people in accomplishment and utilizing the technologies that they have access to, regardless of the economic status of those people seeking assistance. There is a need for the education sector to focus on providing a learning environment, which promotes experimentation and exploration of ICT. This is because it is clear that individuals may have access to the Internet but lack the skills inevitable for accessing it. For an instant, in a class of Digital Divide, students may learn a lot about the issues of access to Internet and equity but still may fail to grasp what is possibly the most essential aspect an imperative of becoming involved.

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