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Biometrics and Wireless Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Biometrics and Wireless Technology - Essay ExampleThis technology is now the more favoured method acting of identification over traditional methods like password and PIN identifications. High numbers of passwords and PINs are generated on a daily basis as more and more people are settling in with the pace of technology. These PINs and passwords are saved electronic solelyy on entropybase servers, which at some point may wander out of space. In this scenario, the better choice for a person is to be her or his own password. In todays market many types of biometrical identification tools are available such as fingerprinting, face recognition, finger and fall geometry, iris recognition, voice and signature recognition (von Graevenitz 2003).Biometric data collected using sensors are converted to digital formats for storage into computer databases. Fingerprinting biometrics has been long in use by the crime declaration agencies and immigration authorities. However, technologies to use iris, face, and voice for recognition are still in their infancy.According to the founder and professorship of CardTech/SecurTech, Ben Miller, biometric technologies imbibe been in use since 1968. The University of Georgia was a pioneer in the use of biometric technology when in 1973 the university set up a get through-s arseholening system that helped restrict entry into its all-you-can-eat dining halls.Fingerprinting, iris recognition, retina recognition, face recognition, and hand recognition have been successfully imple... Fingerprints are then stored in image formats or encoded character strings. This technology is cost effective and very accurate (Biometrics 101). Irises are also a unique characteristic that can be scanned saved in a digital format. Since irises remain unchanged after surgery or with the use of glasses or contact lenses, this technology is fast gaining popularity (Biometrics 101).Retina recognition systems are used in some high-risk facilities such as mili tary installation systems. This technique is considered the most accurate among all available biometrics technologies. However, the installation cost for this technology is high (Biometrics 101).Face recognition systems analyse the nervus facialis geometry of a person and can verify a persons identity within a very concisely time and from a distance of 2 feet (Biometrics 101).As the internet age has progressed and matured, it has seen the advent of wireless technologies, which have brought flexibility of communication, as wireless systems do not need any physical connections. Transmission of data in wireless systems takes place through radio frequency. The popularity of wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, shiny phones, and other handheld devices is at its height at this time. Karygiannis and Owens (2002) recognised that wireless networks are at the aforementioned(prenominal) risk as wired networks but they are also vulnerable to a few virgin security threats due to th e limitation of wireless protocols. For security implementation, in wireless systems biometric technology is getting a lot of attention as it provides an extra level of security. It can be used as a stand-alone security device or along with another protection system. Agencies that need higher levels of

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