Friday, May 10, 2019

Lifes Greatest Lesson Learned (must also include 1 direct quote from Essay

Lifes Greatest Lesson Learned (must in addition include 1 direct quote from book tuesdays with Morrie so reading this book is required) Read mount Directions - Essay ExampleI intentional from experience that there is something to the non-violent manners of many of our greatest leaders, from Martin Luther great power to the Dalai Lama, that allows people to take control of their lives and to be immune from harm. I learned that non- forcefulness is the only sane way to live. I see for instance that many on-going fights are the result of people retaliating from perceived or real number hurts inflicted on them by others. I witness this daily. Each is a never-ending downward spiral of violence and pain, to the point where those fighting forget where it all started. The way to stop this is to stop retaliating. To nip it in the bud, the surpass policy is to not begin the cycle of hate, and to respond to negativity with its opposite. I know this is hard to practice, just in practical terms, those who are non-violent also are less likely to get into trouble with the law because they make it a policy not to harm others. They have peace in their lives, and are not afraid to go anywhere thinking that someone will come hurt them out of revenge. macrocosm a peaceful person is simply the best way to live on earth (Albom, 1997).I learned too that living by the rules of love also means doing the plough that we love, rather than aiming for work that gets us to a better place in terms getting ahead in life, or making more money. In a way this is a form of self-love too, to be in tune with what we really want to do, rather than allowing material considerations dictate how we are to spend our lives. I learned that when I do things out of a genuine interest and love, rather than to show off or to gain something in the short term, I do poorly. My heart is not in it, and I race to finish. I do not feel good about the work that I do in this spirit. I want to move on to othe r things right away. On the other hand, with some activities that I love, time seems to fly, and my

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