Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Write up a report based on Case StudyStrategy Formulation at Zanzibar Study

Write up a report based on StudyStrategy Formulation at Zanzibar - Case Study Example The affluent are attracted by the magic of the word Zanzibar. The place was previously referred to as Zanj-el-Barr or the land of the blacks. The region has been a colony for many times in the past firstly for the fact that it acted as a stopover destination for the ships travelling to India and due to fact that the country had a rich variety of spices. The spices are what contributed to centuries old reputation of the region. The spices that once upon a time made the archipelago famous are Cloves, Cardamom, Saffron, Curry, black pepper etc. However the spices are no longer the main source of living and income generating activity of the region and the tourism business is now the main economic activity. In the following pages the discu8ssion is focussed on the SWOT analysis of the region and strategies that can be adopted in order to promote Zanzibar as a tourist destination. The archipelago of Zanzibar has been famous for centuries for the spices and an important stopover for the trade routes. The region was first used as a trade destination by the Persians. These were followed by the Arabs who were eager to establish trade relations between the African countries and the gulf (Wilson, 2012). The Arabs were succeeded by the Portuguese in the beginning of the sixteenth century. The Portuguese were in turn followed by the Omanis and who in turn were followed by the Britishers. The British saw the region as the perfect stop for their ships before they visited India (Hartley, 2003). So, over the years Zanzibar has seen a blending of different cultures and ethnic groups. The culture of Zanzibar thus reflects a mix of Swahilis along with the Arabs, Indians and the Europeans (McIntyre and McIntyre, 2013). This mixing of culture is also reflected in the music of the region. However the archipelago has lost to the competition in the spices industry from India which is much more industrious, productive and operates an efficient

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