Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Death of a Saleman; general Vision essays

Death of a Saleman; general Vision essays This modern American 20th Century play by Arthur Miller, presents us with a very pessimistic view of life, filled with the social realism concerning the plight of the modern man. In particularly this is promoted by the fake existence that is the American Dream. Willy believes that one who is well liked and personally attractive will deservedly acquire the comforts and success offered by modern American life. However these superficial qualities have to face against a more rewarding understanding of the American Dream supplied by the reality of hard work without complaint. This is in fact the real key to success and is demonstrated by Miller through the likes of Bernard. Willy has lost at trying to live the American Dream and the play can be viewed as commentary about society. Willy was someone who worked all his life by the machine of democracy and commercialism that is modern America, only to be then spit mercilessly out like a piece of fruit. He is lost in the past and constantly tormented with hopes and dreams he had years ago that have since fallen through. His flashbacks provide a fundamental structure and understanding of the play. It is his version of the American Dream, which causes his psychological decline, unwilling to accept the disparity between the American Dream and his own life. Miller seems to criticize the subject of capitalism. Life is seen as a competition where one must get ahead of the next fella and force yourself to conform to white-collar success. Afterall money defines success. Miller uses the jungle that Ben talks about as a metaphor of life. Its is the same jungle Willy talks about when he tells Happy; .... The woods are burning... Towards the end Willy talks of planting a garden. I think this is some sort of motif provided by Miller, the idea of leaving something behind. Willy has yearned to make a differe...

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