Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Executive summary of a research in memo format Essay

Executive summary of a research in memo format - Essay Example It increases the morale, provides better access to new market segments and develops the productivity level. The discrimination-and-fairness paradigm helps to increase the demographic diversity within an organisation which ensures fair treatment to employees. However, due to its principle of every employee being the same, pressure might create among employees for assuring that differences among them do not pose as an obstacle for achieving the organisational goals. Therefore, practical disagreements about work processes or strategies can be falsely interpreted due to the fairness and equal treatment principle followed in this method. Access-and-legitimacy method has evolved after the 1980s when multinational organisations expanded their operations in different communities. The method preferred demographic workforce for accessing with the different communities in enhancing their productivity and sales in different countries. Organisations using this method have the potential of competi tive advantage from the motivation derived based on the market. However, while entering different markets, organisations tend to focus more on the cultural diversity rather than analysing factors which differs the work process. Furthermore, organisations tend to rapidly position employees in between different communities without analysing their capabilities and competencies. Incorporation of the two methods gave rise to a modern method, learning-and-effectiveness paradigm which integrates employees’ perspectives while determining strategies, product demands and also cultures. It helps in motivating employees and acknowledges different cultures while respecting the value each culture possesses. Thus, I would recommend the modern method as it consists of characteristics and principles of both the other paradigms. The learning-and-effectiveness method will be appropriate for fulfilling the overgrowing tendencies of expanding businesses in multination. Factors Affecting the Metho ds However, certain factors should be taken into concern that affect and influence the time required for implementing the diversity programmes. Implementing diversity programmes is time consuming if employees are reluctant for embracing the changed process. Furthermore, the learning-and-effectiveness method will help to identify the employees’ perspectives in implementing the different strategies. As observed in the case of First Interstate Bank which decided to employ loan officers who held the college degrees. Others were hired as support staff and were never promoted. The decision gave rise to huge protests as many employees have been associated with the bank for several years and developed the required skills of loan officers through constant training. Ultimately, the unfolding reasons indicated that diversity was not based on race or culture but class of people, i.e. educational backgrounds. Therefore, repeated protests forced the bank to change its policies and integrat e the changed processes based on the employees’ perspectives. As a result, the diversity programmes were implemented but delayed. I would suggest you to consider the concerning factors significantly and make necessary changes for effectively and rapidly implementing the

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