Friday, October 18, 2019

Appreciation and Support of Others Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Appreciation and Support of Others - Essay Example My initial feelings were that the children like to interact with visitors that they consider their races. I also thought that all the children professed to Christianity since that was a Christian-dominated area. It happened to be the wrong impression since the orphanage welcomed and appreciated any cultural practice. Social interactions normally bring people together to share their skills and ideas with others. For instance, sports enhances social interactions between individuals from distant places, who observe diverge religious and cultural values. It was my pleasure to take part in this charity event and I regard others as my brothers and sisters. This is because my friends are always there to support and help me whenever I face problems. My feelings changed because the children challenged the volunteers that they love and appreciate everybody. The Muslim child also attended Christian masses and understand the Bible teachings. I was impressed to interact and learn new things from the young children, who did not have any negative feelings against each other. This experience also taught me the significance of respecting other people’s opinions and values. Learning to accommodate different views is a way of showing respect and concern to other people in that environment. People should learn to love and show support to others without the perception of race, religion or social status. The founder of the orphanage home was an African-American, who did not discriminate against any child from other backgrounds.

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