Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Global Warming and Water Shortage Research Paper

Global Warming and Water Shortage - Research Paper Example The author of the paper states that the hydrology of all the major river basins all across the world are likely to be affected and changed by the warming process as well (Postel, 1999). Therefore, the fresh water supply of the world is very likely to be affected through altered precipitation patterns or hydrological systems. As a result, the possibility of fresh water supplies being affected adversely as a direct consequence of global warming emerges. Though there are critics who attribute likely global water supply shortages to more significant anthropogenic causes rather than global warming (see Golkany, 2003), the present essay shall consider global warming as a source of fresh water depletion as, though such anthropogenic causes may be significant in the short run, in the long run, climate changes are likely to have greater impacts. Thus, the implications of global water supply shortages for the future generations shall be explored assuming that they will be significantly contrib uted to by global warming. In what follows, we first briefly look into the present global water supply situation. The analysis of the implications of the further depletion of the present stock predicted for the generations to come is explored. On the basis of this, we then attempt to identify the true nature and the extent of the severity of the problem before attempting to discuss the possibility of prevention and finally concluding.

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