Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fall for the Book Event Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fall for the Book Event - Assignment Example The presenters, qualified and highly professional, vastly expound on the topics and subjects of the presentations. The presenters make the topics comprehensible and understandable for students. I planned to attend a session at the annual festival on Friday, the 27th of September. The session is scheduled to start at half past ten and proceed until noon. The title of the book was ‘The Political Thought of Frederick Douglass’. The presenter is a political science scholar, Nicholas Buccola. The event was to take place at George Mason University. The venue for the presentation was Sandy Spring Bank tent, at George Mason University. My choice to attend the event was because of the passion I have for the political science. The professionalism of the presenter would make the session enjoyable to warrant an attendance by anyone interested in the book’s analysis. I admire any session led by Nicholas Buccola, a renowned scholar of political science studies. The session, courtesy of the sponsorship of Gale Language, would be exceptional, outstanding and jovial to attend. The analysis of the political ideologies of Frederick Douglas would be a charming session in th e event. Buccola’s prowess in presenting a deep analysis of political science topics is plausible. He can analyze how much intrinsic Frederick Douglass explores the possibility of having the promise of freedom for human beings. The analysis would be highly appealing. Given my deep aspiration to attend the event, I arrived at the venue early not to miss any part of the presentation. I planned before the day, enough for the event, and dedicated an ample time and questions to ask during the session. Having prepared for the presentation, I enjoyed the entire session. The presenter, in my opinion, was great in the area of presentation.  

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