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The Life Support of the Forestry Regime: Case Studies of Two Transnatio

The Life Support of the Forestry Regime: Case Studies of Two Transnational NGOs Introduction As relatively new actors in international relations, nongovernmental organizations or NGOs are becoming a vital component for successful environmental regimes. NGOs organize transnational advocacy networks that link state actors, businesses, and other organizations. The forestry regime is relatively weak as compared to other environmental regimes because of a lack of international agreements and state policies regarding forest conservation. NGOs have attempted to fill this state actor void and are beginning to shape the quality of the regime by establishing principles to guide state behavior. NGOs have developed conservation and management strategies, financed reforestation projects, and fostered business partnerships. This essay compares the strategies of the World Wide Fund for Nature (referred to as the World Wildlife Fund-WWF in English speaking countries) and Rainforest Alliance, two international NGOs that are involved with forestry projects in developing countries. The c omparison indicates that both increase public awareness through different strategies. The WWF defines overarching goals and finances broad programs and the Rainforest Alliance focuses on industry through certification programs. Though both NGOs have not significantly changed international policy, they have been successful in creating a civil society to support the regime. If NGOs continue to change the public’s values and increase their involvement with local communities, they will become an even greater source of strength within the forestry regime. Where have our global forests gone? Deforestation is a significant threat to the world’s biodiver... ...Asia-Pacific: Corporations and Environmental Management. New York: Cambridge University Press. 202pp. Rainforest Alliance- Innovative Solutions for Global Conservation. Online. The Rainforest Alliance. Available: updated 2004 [accessed 4/5/04]. Shapiro, C. 2003. Indonesian Wood Certified as Legally Cut Arrives in Norfolk, Va. Port. Virginian-Pilot. Aug. 6, 2003. Wapner, P. 2004. Politics Beyond the State: Environmental Activism and World Civic Politics. In Green Planet Blues, edited by K. Conca and G.D. Dabelko, (pp. 122-139). Boulder, CO.: Westview Press. Wilson, B., Van Kooten, G.C., Vertinsky, I., Arthur L. 1999. Forest Policy: International Case Studies. New York: CABI Publishing. 273pp. WWF Forests for Life Programme. Online. The World Wide Fund for Nature. Available: updated 2004 [accessed 4/5/04].

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