Thursday, August 29, 2019

Comparative politics and political ideas Assignment

Comparative politics and political ideas - Assignment Example he political system in North Korea does not function to benefit the people that it ought to serve and, therefore, an active presidential democracy should be established where political leaders would be chosen by the universal salvage rather than the current handpicked hereditarily authority. Democracy ensures that the most suitable candidate is elected to office to actualize the needs of the people. Political representation also ensures leaders to work hard because they would face the people in the next election. Political representation has been working efficiently in majority of the nations, in the world and would work well, in North Korea. Presidential system has the most accountable democracies in the world. They ensure that public resources are accounted, unlike a totalitarian dictatorial system. Dictatorship thrives in wastage and engagement, in selfish agenda that ruin the economic fundamentals of the country. Presidential systems thrive better in a free market economy. This help in equitably allocating the scarce resources to the most deserving sectors in the economy. There is no agreed definition of democracy, but it is that system of government that exercises power on behalf of the people. It is a system of government that respects the freedom and rights of individuals. China has been exercising de facto totalitarian authority in the expense of democracy. Though the country has denied people political liberty, it has expanded its economic freedom to citizens and local and foreign companies. Both Israel and Palestine have a genuine argument on the conflict between the two warring communities. As it has been said the most deadly conflict have been the clash between right and right and not right and wrong. Therefore, the mediation of the conflict has found it difficult to find common ground for which both parties can agree on. However, it is the understanding of the causes of the conflict that can help address the situations. The original composition of

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