Friday, August 30, 2019

High Cholesterol Essay

Everybody worries about their health right? Nowadays people really don’t care too much and only do the bare minimum to get through their life. Most people just eat what they want, and make a bunch of decisions that will only destroy your body slowly. There are many diseases out there and you can never be too safe, because your health is what keeps you going with your life. Many diseases out there people don’t even know about. Well this disease I am about to discuss can affect your health like you wouldn’t believe. This disease can be very dangerous for the human body if not properly taken care of. This disease is called â€Å"High Cholesterol†. First off, what is Cholesterol? Well â€Å"Cholesterol is a sticky, waxy, fatty substance found naturally throughout your body.†1 Cholesterol is a very important substance to maintain. Doing so will prevent a lot of diseases that can cause even more damage to your body. That’s why watching what you eat can play a huge factor in your life when it comes to health. Now I will explain to you why it is important to manage your cholesterol. Why is Important to manage your cholesterol? If the cholesterol reaches an excessive amount, it can stick to the hearts artery walls. So much so that it can block and narrow them, this is known as plaque buildup. Over a period of time if the plaque builds up at a high rate, it can lead to a much more dangerous thing called atherosclerosis which is determined to be a hardening of the arteries. People don’t realize how serious it is to watch your cholesterol. Having High Cholesterol, it can cause a serious risk for heart disease. High cholesterol is in your body, and the more it increase 9which comes with age) the more it can cause a serious disease. The thing about High Cholesterol is when you have it; you will not even know it. If you continue to consume a lot of fatty foods, or being overweight from eating too much food altogether, or even if you have a family history of such disease, you must make sure you watch your cholesterol level at all times. Did you know that if you have a bit too much cholesterol in your blood, it can cause cardiovascular disease? Well â€Å"Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States. 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of one death every 39 seconds.†2 After reading that statement, doesn’t it make you wonder how you can treat it? Because I am sure that scares you just like it scares me. There are many things that can cause your cholesterol level to skyrocket, so the best thing to do is learn how to prevent this from even happening. It is important to have a daily diet, watching what you eat can prevent your cholesterol level to rise. Eating healthy food such as vegetable, meats, etc†¦always make sure you stay away from fatty foods. When having a good diet, it helps you maintain your weight, which being overweight can also cause high cholesterol. Being physically fit is also another good way to maintain high cholesterol. Not only do you want to watch what you eat, you also need to make sure you exercise. Exercising is by far the healthiest to do for your body. There are many different exercises that are good for your health. Some of these exercises are running, stretching, walking, jump rope, anything to keep your blood flowing in your body so that your cholesterol level stays normal. Another major product which can affect your cholesterol is tobacco. Tobacco which not only causes high cholesterol problems, it causes death by other diseases. Staying away from tobacco is very important. Even inhaling second hand smoke is bad for you. Quitting cigarettes should be a must, especially if you’re trying to maintain good health, and lower your cholesterol level. Every 7 seconds, someone is dying from the use of tobacco products. Treating high cholesterol is basically maintaining good health. Always make sure you see your doctor at least once a month, if not twice a year. Have him check for any problems when it comes to high cholesterol. It’s really something knowing that everything we do in life can affect us as a person, especially our bodies which keeps us alive and living our lives. So always make sure you maintain good health, and watch your cholesterol level so we can stay alive and live life because life is to short. Works Cited 1. â€Å"What Is High Cholesterol?† N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Oct. 2012.

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