Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Did Jesus Really Die Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Did Jesus Really Die - Essay Example â€Å"That Jesus really died on the cross needs to be established for various reasons. If Jesus did not die—which is a necessary prelude to rising physically—there can be no forgiveness of sins and eternal life for all who believe in Him† (Rom. 6:1–23; 1 Cor. 15:12–23 cited ion Miller, p.209). The question is how we could explain the empty tomb. Bible testifies to this fact and we do not have any reason not to believe it. The explanation stating that the friends of Jesus took his body and brought it to a safe place in order to protect from outrage is rather convincing. An empty tomb is not a proof of the bodily resurrection. However, Miller doubts that â€Å"Besides, this theory is full of problems. Could the disciples have overpowered Roman guards and stolen the body? Not a chance. Just hours before, they were all scared and abandoned Jesus; and the most fearless, Peter, became fearful and denied Him three, In addition, how could the guards know w ho took the body since they were sleeping?† (Miller, p 19). It is possible to state that the resurrection of physical body does not correspond to the Laws of Creation (Knight, 2001). These Laws are reflected in perfect and unchangeable Will of God. Everything happens in the framework of these laws even if they are not completely studied by the science. Thus, we talk about the cure of an illness as about a miracle only because we still can’t identify the laws, which are the basis of this event. Science is not less than the attempt to understand the Laws of God and use them. Religion and science should be united, they should not contradict each other. However, there are the facts about the life of Christ-like â€Å"The Immaculate Conception† or â€Å"the bodily resurrection of Christ†, which do not correspond to the Laws of Creation and, thus, need reconsideration.  

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