Friday, July 26, 2019

My leadership philosophy Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

My leadership philosophy - Personal Statement Example This leadership philosophy is assisted by defining my values in life. My personal values are a sense of duty, integrity, courage, loyalty, respect, selfless service and honor. These values are committed to be adhered at all times and despite encountering various challenges. I also have recognized that one of the guiding principles that should support a leader’s actions is compliance with the ethics of reciprocity. Just like what President Harry Truman affirmed in his speech entitled â€Å"A Public Man Must Live in the Present†, he believed that â€Å"the fundamental basis for a happy life with family and friends is to treat others as you would like to be treated, speak truthfully, act honorably and keep commitments to the letter† (Truman par. 2). This principle, likewise applies to subordinates and colleagues, alike. In carrying out one’s responsibilities, one must be aware that leaders must have the ability to understand, not only the scope of one’s duties; but also the impact that one’s role and responsibilities contribute to one’s followers, to various stakeholders, and to the organization, as a whole. Thus, leaders do not only have the obligation to carry out the responsibilities explicitly defined in their professional portfolio; more so, leaders should have the innate skills and genuine commitment to ensure that the responsibilities that must be carried out by his or her followers, must be duly accomplished, with proper motivation, guidance, direction, coaching, and mentoring strategies, which would facilitate and encourage them, wholeheartedly, to achieve. My priorities, therefore, are also my commitment to undertake my responsibilities in the organization which I serve; and also to act and behave according to ethical, moral, and legal standards. I was influenced and strongly affected by the words from John McCain, in

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