Thursday, July 25, 2019

Essay 1 Cause and Effect Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

1 Cause and Effect - Essay Example However, children are the social segment that has been very badly affected by TV. TV has influenced the lifestyles and priorities of children in the current times in varied ways. Watching too much TV badly impacts the health of children, makes them vulnerable to violent programs and shows, and negatively influences their academic performance. TV has an unhealthy effect on the life of young children as it encourages a sedentary lifestyle and prevents them from participating in sports and outdoor activities. It is a fact that people do often get addicted to TV programs and remain glued to the TV screen to seek entertainment and fun. In that context, children are more susceptible to getting addicted to TV, as they are impressionable and are unable to understand the bad effects of TV. Hence, TV encourages children to lead a sedentary life and many a times they end up becoming ‘couch potatoes’. The time which the children could have spent engaging in sports and outdoor activities gets mostly hijacked by the ubiquitous TV. The current times have seen a flooding of the households by gadgets like video games, PCs and TV, which collectively encourage a sedentary style of living. The thing that needs to be understood is that TV makes an important part of this baggage. TV not only makes children skip activity and exerc ise, but combined to varied other compatible gadgets like video games and home video players; TV makes them get addicted to a sedentary mode of living. Thereby, this sedentary lifestyle to a great extent promoted by TV gets reflected in the poor health of children. Children addicted to TV often tend to be vulnerable to random snacking and evince obesity. This trend often gives way to chronic diseases and health issues amongst children. Hence, there is no doubt that unreasonable TV viewership does has a bad impact on the health of children TV also compromises the psychological health of children by getting them exposed to programs and

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