Friday, July 19, 2019

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Virginia Henderson was known as a modern legend of nursing. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 30, 1897. Henderson graduated in 1921 from the Teachers College at Columbia University, for a Bachelor of Science degree, which she completed in 1931. She also earned a Master’s of Science degree in 1934 (Tlou, 2001). She wrote and edited numerous editions of the Principles and Practice of Nursing. Henderson’s main idea of nursing was that the unique function of the nurse is to assist the individual, either if they are sick or well. Nursing Theory Virginia Henderson categorized nursing activities into 14 components, based on our basic human needs. She described the nurse's role, as doing for the patient, helping the patient, working with the patient, and with the objective of helping the patient become as independent as possible. The 14 components started off with breathing normally and to eat and drink effectively. You must eliminate body waste, have good posture and gait, and you must sleep and rest. When dressing a patient you should pick appropriate wear. By checking the patient’s temperature, this would keep it sustained. Henderson believed that keeping the body well cleaned and groomed would make the patient more comfortable and confident. You must avoid injuries and dangerous situations, and communicate with others expressing emotions, needs, fears, or opinions. You must respect one’s ethnicity and belief. A nurse should always feel accomplished and participate with patients in recreational activities. Las t of the 14 components of health was to learn from your mistakes as a nurse and to encourage normal development and health. (Dijkstra et al., 2012). Henderson’s nursing theory had four main concepts; individual, e... ...s theory relates to the future practice of nursing because we are being taught to promote independence, which Henderson had a strong belief in. We are to encourage patients to get better again and provide reassurance. Her theory works well with the future of nursing. She focused on patients basic needs which are one of the most important features of nursing. Us as future nurses should promote independence, provide basic necessities, respect the patient’s ethnicity and beliefs, and lastly to assist the individual even if they are not ill. Conclusion Henderson said to be the patient and supplement their strengths and weaknesses according to their needs. She highlighted the importance of promoting independence for future knowledge to patients. Communication is key when dealing with your patient. Without good communication, the level of care and independence weakens.

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