Friday, June 14, 2019

Are gun control policies effective or ineffective Essay

Are gun control policies effective or ineffective - Essay ExampleImplementing fastidious and effective gun control measures serve as a platform to reduce the increasing crime and irresponsible style. These irrational behaviors cause the deaths of many innocent(p) citizens. According to criminologists, intensified gun control measure of disarming all citizens is considered the most applicable means of minimizing possible effects. I concur with this argument, since this irrational behavior is in existence in developing countries. All citizens seek protection from the state and other communal means of security. In fact, gun controls do not decrease crime the gist of the matter lies with the enforcement of laws, which is the way forward to solve the dilemma of gun control. I really admire the communal relationship in developing countries where each individual takes the burden of the other as if it is his own. In most instances, human beings are triggered to act the way they do due to the purlieu they find themselves in, not really out of their innate behavior but as environment derived behavior. According to criminologists, the possession of firearms by individuals is perceived to be a factor that contributes to the likelihood of gun fatality. When an individual finds himself in possession of a gun, which probably is not in use, he is moved to formulate ways to enforce it. In this perspective, the person ends up engaging in crime due to presence of unused guns, which could be controlled initially by restricting ownership of in the flesh(predicate) guns. This has been propagated by the fact that all individuals possess many pressing issues,

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