Friday, September 27, 2019

WHAT MATTERS IN AMERICA Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

WHAT MATTERS IN AMERICA - Research Paper Example In this chapter, Goshgarian talks about the impacts of social networking sites on people’s lifestyles. Several social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites are currently available in the internet, and they provide an effective means through which people virtually interact with each other. The impact of internet on the social life has been a controversial debate in the American society. Many people have contradicting opinions on its effect on the contemporary American society and culture. A review of studies indicated that social networking sites have less impacts on the social life than many people usually believe. Internet is the latest means of interpersonal communication system following telegraphs and telephones. Other researches also indicate that social networking sites have also changed the patterns of life; however, the patterns of social life still remain the same despite of these internet-induced changes (Goshgarian 68). Social networking sites are speculated to have positive impacts on people’s everyday lives, since it improves the quality and frequency of interpersonal communications among different people. Through virtual connections, people easily access their colleagues leading to engagements and happiness in society and families (Goshgarian 27). According to Goshgarian, electronic communication result in weaker social ties, since many people lack adequate time to physically visit and interact with their friends. He writes that â€Å"More and More, people build their social network around their colleagues instead of their neighbors and families† (Goshgarian 331). The internet also allows many people to work from their homes, and this gives them less time to physically interact with other people. In addition, the internet also enables people to virtually interact more easily than through other means of communication, have romantic affairs, access their bank accounts and

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