Monday, September 23, 2019


PERSPECTIVES ON EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOUR - Dissertation Example But is has got few limitation which is not suitable for the evolution process of a leader. In many survey researches through questionnaire approach the issues are often unclear for many thus a proper feedback is not received from them. Sometimes the responses are unfair for personal biasness towards the person. This type of responses goes against the evaluation process and the leadership evaluation is not done correctly. In most cases in the evaluation process through questionnaire approach the response are given in general without proper individual evaluation. The answers are given in aggregation to item and no segmentation is done for the different skills and performances that an individual may possess being a leader. Comment on problems of determining causality (and determining the nature of the causality). In various survey research there are certain ‘why’ questions that cannot be answered with the cause. In several instances the causes of certain innovations are inf luenced by other factor where as certain innovations can also be an effect of certain causes (Rogers, 1995, p. 123). In the relation of events there is one dependent and one independent variable which lead to the innovation process. The independent variables in most cases are unclear which lead to the innovativeness. The leader behavior is dependent on the criterion variable and in some case the criterion variable is dependent on the leader behavior.

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