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Sustainable Design and the Recovery of New Orleans from Hurricane Essay

Sustainable Design and the Recovery of pertly Orleans from Hurri drive oute Katrina - Essay ExampleIt passes without whatever notice with perfection as it is perfectly functional and its form flows seamlessly into the surrounding environment. As an example, a well-to-do chair passes without any notice as it is comfortable and well-matched with the human form. Again a good knowing kitchen device, even a can opener, passes without any notice perfectly owing to the easiness and smoothness of its functions. moreover protrude is closely tied to the surrounding world. It is a product of wider technological progress and persistent esthetical influences. Fifty years ago issues regarding environmental problems mostly went off without any notice. However, during the last thirty years as environmental issues have become of increasing grandeur and aw beness has grown of packaging waste, modality change and separate issues externalize issues have expanded to include environmental issue s as well. More recently, importance on environmental issues has been replaced by the importance on sustainability. The following conversation pull up stakes focus on the interrelationship between sustainability and design. Initially, the term sustainability will be looked at and checked. After that the particular issue of sustainability and design will be studied. The proposal will consider the concept of sustainable design as it has been apply to the reconstruction of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana since it was struck by Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005). Particularly, problems with the actual sustainability of present sustainable approaches to reconstruction will be focused. This proposal will actually argue that most of the sustainable proposals for rebuilding New Orleans are not sustainable as they do not consider the main socio-cultural aspects of sustainable design. After that i simple proposal for reconstruction that is actually sustainable economically, environmen tally and socio-culturally will be presented. The last percentage of the proposal will then consider how the specific proposal for sustainable reconstruction in New Orleans can be applied in a greater framework in other parts of the globe (mostly in the UK). Chapter 2. Principles of Sustainable Design Sustainability The historical discussion of the issue of sustainable design will start with the history (etymology) of the word sustain which is the root of the term sustainability. Following the Online Etymological vocabulary the root of sustain comes from late 13 century, from Old French sustenir hold up, endure, from Latin sustinere hold up, support, endure, from complete up from below + tenere to hold. (Sustain (2010) Online Etymology Dictionary online.) Following this definition, sustainable design is a design that can be supported or held up by the economy, the environment and society. In the background of design, sustainable designs are those designs that can be backed by the environment. Sustainable designs are designs that do not erode the resources of the environment, further rather can be supported by them. A definition of sustainability has existed since at least 1987 when the cover of the creation Commission on Environment and Development Our Common Future (commonly known as the Brundtland Report) was published. The World Commissio

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