Sunday, April 28, 2019

Role of Economic Factors Behind Neo-imperialism Phenomenon Essay

Role of Economic Factors Behind Neo-imperialism Phenomenon - Essay ExampleThis paper aims to measure out whether neo-imperialism is a political or economic phenomenon by evaluating its origins and consequences. The paper provides not only an understanding of neo-imperialism as a phenomenon but also gives insight into its current influence in the global arena.To understand neo-imperialism, it is native to valuate its validity as either a political or economic phenomenon. Many of the activities and strategies assiduous in neo-imperialism resulted to or were caused by political measures to preserve influence and power in the home regions of the landed estate involved. Marxist and socialist critics point out the underlying economic motivation driving imperialistic movements. unheeding of the stated and actual motivations, neo-imperialism both has political and economic rationales.In the resolution of conflicts during the imperial period territories were the central issues while in n eo-imperialism, trading rights were seen as more important than physical occupation.The intimacy of government and political economy allows for both economic and political elements in neo-imperialism. Thought the economic rewards remain at the core and spirit of neo-imperialism, political will acted its arm in enforcing its objectives.Its mechanism was to exploit markets and trade to establish presence in the global community. Its costs also find its justification in the financial rewards. Neo-imperialism proves itself to be a projectile economic force that has helped shape the global economy as we know it today.

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