Sunday, November 3, 2019

Case study 1 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

1 - Case Study Example Many of her contributions are ignored and senses gender hierarchy segregation. Due to this, she starts questioning her own professional competence and how to apply her knowledge and skills when treating new clients. This angers Susan and makes her feel isolated. She decides to discuss her concerns with Daisy, who seems very close to the locals and agrees to mentor Susan. Introduction The society has been found to be highly in denial of the worrying trends. People believe in various myths, a reason why they could have opted not to talk to Susan. There are believes that people who talk about suicide are trying to get attention. People who contemplate on committing suicide after making the decision cannot be stopped from taking away their lives. The assumption that people who commit suicide are crazy and weak is wrong. Other people believe that those people who talks about suicide have the intention of manipulating others is not true. Most of the communities believe that the young peopl e do not think about suicide because they have the whole life to live. Research has revealed a worrying trend on the levels of suicide among the adolescents and young adults. Globally, youth have been found to be faced with a high risk of committing suicide than the old people and the children. The age of vigorous changes in the physiology of the youth and fear of maturity are a reason for this trend. Moreover, the various issues affecting them have been found to have adverse effects, yet more dangerous effects on them. Increased pressure from the society that includes expectations, dreams and ambitions also contribute to the high cases of risk among the youth. Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the number of suicides among the youth around the world. Startling statistics have been reported in various countries due to the sharp increase in cases of suicide. While a number of people have been unsuccessful in suicide attempts, others have successfully committed suicide. A lot of studies have been conducted to determine the risk factors that cause suicide among the adolescent people. One death can have a significant impact on the population health data due to low numbers of this population within the general Australian population context. However, in areas where Aboriginal communities reside, suicide figures are very high. Their lifestyles, the community and society beliefs have a major contribution to the high cases of suicide. This paper will look at the various causes of the increased cases of suicide among the youth in Aboriginal community and the various interventions of dealing with the cases of suicide. Literature Review Research based on population of young people has identified recognized risks for suicide attempts. They include gender, race or ethnicity, historical cases of depression, hopelessness, alcohol use and drug abuse, sexualisation and violence. Factors that are likely to trigger these risks are underlying psychological stress such as mar ginalization, isolation, and rejection. Among other factors, homosexuality has been suggested as a major contributor for suicide. Gay, lesbianism and bisexuality have not been proven to have successful influence on suicide. However, suicides related to gay youth have proved to be difficult due to the social stigma

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